Feature Articles

Weight training

Learn the right way to build muscle in and out of the gym.

No B.S.

The correct foundation to build a weight training program.

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cardio training

Learn the proper way to add cardio into your workout no matter what your goal is.


No matter if you're cutting or bulking cardio will play an important role in achieving your goals.

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Proper nutrition

Learn the proper way to develop a nutrition to reach your goals.


If you eat like shit your results will be shit.

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Read about which supplements work and which ones you should avoid.

use your common sense

There aren't any magic pills or shortcuts to reach your goals, learn which supplements actually work.

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It’s All AboutGetting Fit. how Truism Fitness is different

  • No bullshit

    I used to be a 300 pound idiot who spent too much time and money listening to lies, contradictions and falling for professionally hyped marketing ploys thinking they would help me change my lifestyle. I now know better and am hoping I can teach people by telling them my mistakes and help them by giving them a straightforward, simple approach to fitness.

  • Science backed/tried and true methods

    Everything I write on this site will either be backed by professional 3rd party studies, science, tried and true methods and most importantly COMMON SENSE. Human beings have a bad habit of out thinking their common sense. I’m not going to allow you to do that, I’m going to be as matter as fact and blunt as I can be without being offensive (hopefully)

  • First hand experience

    While all of my technical and professional knowledge come from being certified as a personal trainer, I truly believe the majority of my experience comes from being severely overweight and out of shape and teaching myself how to change my lifestyle and getting into the best shape of my life.

  • I'm listening

    I want you to leave comments telling me what You like or dislike, if something pissed you off or helped you I want you to tell me about it. Let me know what you need help with or don’t understand. Don’t think you’ll be e-mailing a computer or intern I will personally respond back to every message no matter if you’re praising me or cursing me out. My email address is