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How To Find Out How Many Calories You Need Daily.

This post will explain the two most used calorie calculators for you to figure out how many calories you need daily.

  • The Basic Multiplier (least accurate of the two)
  • The Harris-Benedict formula (very accurate)

Whichever formula you use to decipher your caloric needs remember to

  • add 350 calories daily if you are bulking (BUILDING MUSCLE)
  • subtract 500 calories daily if you are cutting (LOSING WEIGHT)

If you’re not sure if you should bulk or cut yet read my post  Cutting or bulking what to do first.

The Basic Multiplier

This is a basic method for people with normal body type and normal daily activity levels.

In this formula you will multiply your body weight in pounds by a set number determined by your activity level. (see below)

  • LIGHT-14.5
  • VERY ACTIVE-15.5

Now add or subtract calories depending if you’re bulking or cutting

Bulking add 350 calories

Cutting subtract 500 calories

Harris Benedict Formula, The Best Calorie Calculator To Find Calories.

This method is a lot more accurate than the basic multiplier, since it takes into account a person’s age, activity level, height and sex .

MEN: 66+(13.7 X body weight in kg)+(5 X height in cm)-(6.8 X in years)

WOMEN:655+(9.6 X body weight in kg)+(1.8 X height in cm)-(4.7 X age in years)

If you have a hard time figuring out weight in kg and height in cm, just do a google search and it will come right up.

Now take that number and multiply it by the number below that most accurately describes your activity level.

  • VERY ACTIVE-1.725

Once again, add or subtract calories to this final number if you’re bulking or cutting.

I know I keep repeating this but it is fundamental for you to have the correct number.

Bulking add 350

Cutting subtract 500


Different people have unique genes and metabolisms, so your calorie intake may need to be tweaked a bit to the lower or higher side depending on your results. Increments of 100 are usually used .






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